ARRL Sweepstakes SSB

SOAPBOX: Our second year in recent history working the sweepstakes.
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V10.11.1
Note: 71 of 80 ARRL Sections worked
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  • Foxhunt a huge success. Images (3) on website.
  • Appropriations/banking: Members need to complete the wishlist for Spring 2011 (see Mark's email for link); Will finished addendum to add GPS and power supply to our fall appropriations, awaiting approval (supposedly will be approved "ASAP") before doing order (probably after the Thanksgiving holiday). Internet fee also part of addendum and awaiting approval.
  • Tower project: Bert and Tom met with facilities last week, got detailed procedure on how to proceed. Bert is finishing proposal work and will be submitting soon.
  • ARRL Sweepstakes: This weekend (Saturday at 5 PM till Sunday late). All members encouraged to participate.
  • Recruitment: Spring 2011 recruitment efforts discussed. Matt suggests physics email list. Mark mentions idea for another demonstration outside of Thornton in spring.

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  • Router/internet: Bert put together equipment list for Benneche; sign posted on door warning of improper internet use/honor code violation; RF analysis done on rig and in building
  • Appropriations/banking: Will got BofA closed and direct deposit re-routed; money that remained in BofA was reimbursement to Will for chair purchases; GPS for HT and 2nd power supply still to be purchased pending download of form from @UVa
  • Foxhunt: Saturday between 11:30 and noon at Bodo's; checked out UVa fox and antennas (a 440 beam and 2m yagi both setup, second 2m yagi needs SO-239 to female SMA adapter for HTs), Icom battery charged up overnight; Mark's roommate likely to hide fox
  • Tower project: Tom and Bert spoke with Joseph Lahendro at facilities, but nothing heard back. Tom and Bert will try again Thursday 11/11. John Knight inquired about tower with William Thurneck (an associate dean in engineering)
  • History: Bert added more history to club website, including 1970s QSL cards (two more!), ARRL November Sweepstakes and Field Day scores for 1979 and 1980 W4UVA clubs. Alumni desire to meet us for a designated Alumni weekend, dates TBD.
  • Parts: Bert to request votes for reimbursement of RF chokes (to eliminate RF pickup on ethernet cable into PC) and postage stamps.

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  • Plaques from ARRL for last year's participation in the Sweepstakes contest
  • Will: collected dues for deposit from Karolina Sarnowska; other action items from last week still apply
  • Foxhunt: Meet at Bodo's between 11:30 and noon on Nov. 14; No car-based hunt; Matt to possibly hide fox (or Mark's roommate/other 3rd party). Mark to coordinate with Mike from VTARA.
  • New Tower developments: Dr. Scott Barker is willing to assist the club in securing funds for labor costs of a tower install. Needs a plan and cost estimates from us in order to proceed. Bert and Tom to work this effort.
  • Ongoing internet investigations in reactor building: Mark and Bert working these issues. Carobotics leader expressed concern about ham frequencies and interference. IG and Mitch Rosen investigating Carobotics and rest of reactor building for rogue routers and wireless interference to WiFi internet. Detailed information about every transmitter, regardless of frequency or purpose, requested by ITC through Paul Benneche (Mark and Bert completing form). Mark and Bert to meet with adviser Dr. John Knight to assess situation on future courses of action.
  • Other: CQWW was great success vs. last year's contest results, with over 100 QSOs (vs. 34 last year); CQWW (CW) this weekend (Bert may operate some); repeater has controller problems where time/date memory keep getting erased (Mark to investigate, Bert may assist); Much more history added to our knowledge base thanks to 1970 alumni input! Peter Briggs (former W4UVA president from the '70s, avid local C'ville contester) to come to one of our meetings this fall.