SteppIR 4 Element 6m – 20m

For Sale: SteppIR 4 element 20-6m Yagi, SDA100 controller, 33V upgrade option, transceiver interface option. See for details (the antenna for sale does *not* have the optional 6m passive elements or the 30/40m element). Originally purchased in 2012 by W4UVA. Two of the Element Handling Units (EHUs) have just been repaired by SteppIR and are still in the boxes; the other two were working properly when the antenna was taken down. It’s a great antenna for a serious DXer or contester, but not for our club, as it turns out. New price for this package is just over $3000. Asking $2195. Proceeds from this sale will return to W4UVA to support club activities. I will deliver the antenna anywhere within a two-hour drive of Charlottesville. Payment accepted via PayPal, and using major credit cards via Square Payments. Contact Mike KQ9P (